Our time is our life. If you are at a loss of what to do with your life. learn to interact with your time. You will appreciate and enjoy your time a lot better. Your life may have a new direction, energy, and meaning.

How to interact with time and life? Here are 15 Productive Ways to Improve Your Time Consciousness & Management

How to stop time: Meditate. It’s the only way to stop your mind from talking. Your mind may not be always right. You are not your mind alone. Let you be just you in meditation

The Gig Economy

The term “Gig Economy” refers to a free market system where project work, term contracts, and temporary positions are prevalent. The organizations will hire independent freelancers or professionals for short-term commitments. The term “gig” is a slang word for a job that lasts a specified period was first made popular by musicians or stage performers.

Digital Transformation

With digital transformation sweeping across various business functions and industries alike, everyone should be concerned about the work of the future instead of the future of their current job. Digital Transformation isn’t just about leveraging technology. …

Three lessons about Life and Time.

Since the thanksgiving weekend the world is informed that two of the best sportsmen of their game had just announced retirement or eminent end of his career. These are people I have watched in the last 20 years. They call it quits due to health and motivation issues. They are both younger than me. I like to share some poignant reflection I had in the last few days

1. Father Time. This is a phrase the sport world use to describe ageing and decline of skills. We will all age eventually; some more graceful…

A tribute to all the first-time story tellers on Medium.com
A tribute to all the first-time story tellers on Medium.com

When was the last time you ever did something for the very first time? A group of 40 first-time storytellers on Medium.com all did their first posts in an hour together. Which story inspires you most? Which story resonated with you. Contact them and connect the dots together.

Work Retrenchment is Career Renewal in Disguise

Retrenchment is no respecter of people. It can happen to anyone at any stage in their career.

Retrenchment may be the best thing that happens to your career. It forces you to focus on renewal and break out of your comfort zone. There are hardly people who suffer from permanent depression due to retrenchment. More than 60% of the people who were retrenched can re-employed within 6 months according to the data provided by the government as of March 2019. Almost 5 years ago, this is almost 70%. …

Why did you start travel blogging? How long have you been doing it?

I started 6 years ago when I began to travel internationally for speaking engagements.

At first it was purely business from the airport to hotel, and then back to the airport. Then I began extending the stay and exploring each city and decided to write about business travel.

Name your top 3 most memorable places?

Cape Town, South Africa. It’s the place where you can experience 2 oceans, and enjoy a 5 degree difference in temperature compared to Johannesburg. You also get to enjoy different mountains that display a different feel almost daily.

Every best performing company will need to embrace the Disruptive Culture based on innovation and Forward Thinking in order to survive the Disruptive Economy. The new rule of business is there is no rules at all in the future. Everything notion, practice and trend can be challenged and disrupted easily and quickly by technology growth, rapid change of consumer behavior and unexpected competition from other industries.

To brace yourself for the Disruptive Economy, we need a Disruptive Culture of speaking positively and proactively in every situation and meeting. If we need to invent a new technology, research on it. If…

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